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COCOSPA Lisa-12.jpg


In memory forever: "My favorite memory was sitting at lunch everyday with my friends."

In her own words: "One piece of advice I'd leave to future SPA students is to always have faith. No matter what happens, the students and staff at SPA will make sure you'll get through it and help you as much as possible."

In one year: "I am going to be attending San Diego State University and majoring in Foods and Nutrition."


In ten years: "I see myself being a property developer and half-time model."

In the words of Ms. Orloff: "From Java’s Gems to Ava’s Flavas - I have so enjoyed your quirky, genuine, and curious energy. I will miss impersonating you (out of love) and the unabashed bravery you bring to your work. Thank for being a leader, for having an open mind, and for demonstrating how to balance fun and silliness with hard work. Good luck in all your endeavors. I can't wait to see all that you do."

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